Fish Scales Wastes for the Recovery of Astaxanthin |

Topics: Waste, Waste management, Tilapia Pages: 6 (1045 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Fish Scales Wastes for the Recovery of Astaxanthin|

Fish Scales Wastes from Selected Teleosts-Innovative Sorption Materials for the Recovery of Astaxanthin. This study shows the potential use of fish scalesof telleosts chanos and Tilapia nilotica as natural sorption materials in the recovery of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin, a feed additive, is a major carotenoid responsible for the pink-red pigmentation of fish and shrimps.Aquatic animals cannot synthesize this thus it must be supplemented in their diet. Aside from being a colorant, astaxanthin has both biological and nutritional importance as well as antioxidant property. Astaxanthin therefore needs to be recovered from wastewaters that have been colored withastaxanthin as it may pose serious environmental threats.Fish scales of teleosts: Chanos chanos and Tilapia nilotica were utilized for recovering astaxanthin. The innovation in adsorption is the utilization of solid wastes as natural sorption material and their availability at minimal cost. Synthetic astaxanthin dissolved in water was made to flow in "Fish Scale Adsorption Apparatus" (FSAA) containing unshredded or shredded scales. Comparison of treatments based on the discoloration of filtrate to be released from the FSAA and the length of time the flow lasted revealed that shredded tilapia scales were most effective in retaining the pigments. Scanning electron micrographs of the surface of tilapia scales revealed porous tooth-like structures called sclerits. These pores along with particles scattered on the interspacing between sclerits’ particles were inferred to bind the pigment. Based on the effective filtration features of the tilapia fish scales, it is suggested that the scales be used in wastewater treatment of different factories. Moreover, fish scales as sorption materials for heavy metals should be explored.Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.|

Recovery of astaxanthin from seafood wastewater utilizing fish scales waste.

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Abstract:  The paper presents basic data on astaxanthin adsorption from fisheries wastewater to fish scales. This process has been proposed to be applicable...
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