Fish Scaler

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This chapter includes the background of the study, statement of the problem, significance of the study and the scope and limitations.

Background of the Study
Innovation of technology is very advance nowadays. For that reason, man is now determined to generate more beneficial projects and upgrade devices for special purposes. Our local community is composed of different people with different concerns. Individuals like fishermen and fish vendors need improved devices that will help them with their works. Through research, kitchenware can be innovated to make their work faster and easier. With this necessity in the community, the researcher comes up with this study, a Battery- Operated Fish Scaling Device.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to improve the scaling process by using Battery-Operated Fish Scaling Device. The sub-problems of this study are:
How will the use of the Battery-Operated Fish Scaling Device and the common type of fish scaler (A piece of wood attached with nails) affect the following: a. Quality of fish
b. Time
c. Number of fish

1. There is a significant difference between the scaling process of the battery operated scaling device and the commonly used fish scaler in the following variables: quality of fish and time allotted. 2. There is no significant difference between the scaling process of the battery operated scaling device and the commonly used fish scaler in the following variables: quality of fish and time allotted.

Objective of the Problem
The main objective of this research is to minimize the time in scaling a fish in a fast and economic way. Also, to have a safer and healthier process in scaling a fish since fish scalers which are made of metals or nails attached to a wood commonly rusts. Rusted tools used in foods can be toxic and may cause diseases. This common type of fish scaler can be dangerous when not used properly and accidents will be more prone to people in using this tool. Also, this fish scaler is manually operated which needs some effort to fully scale a fish and takes so much time. This research will help people to have less time and effort in scaling a fish in order to have more time to other activities.

Significance of the Study
This study is of great help to the field of technology. Because of this study, there is better understanding of principles of machines and devices. As mentioned earlier this study will also mainly help fish vendors. Fish vendors scale the fish they are selling. Scaling fishes becomes an extra work for these vendors. So, this Battery Operated Fish Scale Removing Device is designed to help them by minimizing their work.

Consumers on the other hand can be benefited by using this fish scaling device since many of the consumers tend to use knives or anything for the sake of scaling a fish and usually takes a lot of time.

Scope and Limitations
This study is focused on improving the scaling process without affecting the quality of the fish by using the Battery-Operated Fish Scaling Device. Another concern of this study is the time allotted in scaling a fish compared to the common type of fish scaler.

Only medium or large sized fish are applicable to this study. Four 3 by 1.5 inches of blades will only be used in the device. The electric motor should be 30-50 watts and the batteries should be two 1.5 volts in the series circuit.

This chapter presents the review of related literature and studies, conceptual model of the studies and the definition of terms. Review of Related Literature and Studies
Related Literature
A fish scaling device is any kind of abrasive device designed to rub off...
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