Fish Bone Chart

Topics: Ishikawa diagram, Diagram, Kaoru Ishikawa Pages: 4 (958 words) Published: January 12, 2013
BELORO, Lorenzo; DE LEON, Juan Luis; ROSERO, Elizabeth; TAYAMORA, Daniel Joshua; VILLOSTAS, Claudine Zia -------------------------------------------------
Date Submitted: 08 January 2012
The experiment aims to analyze the causes of each problem (effect) identified in raw eggs and mayonnaise products during manufacturing and processing through the use of fish-bone diagrams or Ishikawa diagrams (cause and effect diagrams).Additionally, dispersion analysis and process classification type fish-bone diagrams were used. The result of the experiment showed that process classification diagram is more effective in pinpointing specific causes of error/ problems thus help more in formulation of corrective actions to be taken. However, dispersion analysis concentrates more in analyzing the general root causes of the errors/ problems, thus fails to identify minor causes of the problems. -------------------------------------------------

A fish-bone diagram, also known as Ishikawa diagram or a cause-and-effect diagram, is an organized tool that helps manufacturers in identifying the possible causes of quality problems (Forman, 2001). This visual tool is also used for organizing possible causes of defect in different categories. It has angled lines, or the ‘bones’, which represents a possible cause of error. Each bone can have ‘sub-bones’ which contains further details about a possible cause of error. The ‘bones’ are joined together in a singular straight line that describes the main defect. This outline gives a shape similar to the bones of a fish, hence the name fishbone chart as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Fishbone Diagram (Cinergix Ltd, undated)
There are three main types of fishbone diagrams namely, the dispersion analysis type, product process classification type, and the cause enumeration type. The dispersion analysis type organizes and relates the factors that result in the difference among the product and other...
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