Topics: Fish, Fish anatomy, Osteichthyes Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Bingo Clues 4x4 bingo board plus 1 free space
Air Bladder: This part of the fish enables it to float.
Actinopterygii: This is the subphyla consists of ray-finned fish. Anal Fin: This is the fin by the anus of the fish, that keeps the fish level in the water and keeps it from rolling. Bony Fish: Osteichthyes consists of all _____.

Caudal Fin: This is the fin in the back of the fish that propels the fish forward/steers. Cold-Blooded: When a fish’s body temperature can adjust to their environment, their thermoregulation is . Dorsal Fin: These are the fins on the top of the fish, that keeps the fish level in the water and keeps it from rolling.

Gills: These are used to take in air from the water.
Gill Rakers: This prevents food and debris from passing over/clogging gills Lateral Line: This is a canal running down each side of the body, containing their sensory organs that detect movements and currents. This also shows how Osteichthyes have bilateral symmetry. Operculum: This part of the fish covers the gills.

Osteichthyes: These kinds of fish are all bony fish, and this group of fish makes up about 95% of all species of fish that exist in the world today. Pectoral Fin: This fin helps fish steer and brake.

Pelvic Fin: This fin help keep the fish level in the water. Sarcopterygiii: This subphyla consists of lobe-finned fish.
Scales: Every fish has_______, which is equivalent to humans having skin. Swim Bladder: This part allows fish to go through the water gracefully, and it adjusts to how much air is in the fish’s bladder to change their buoyancy. Vertebrae: All fish, mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles have this part, also called a spinal cord.

The dorsal and anal fins keep the fish level in the water and keep it from rolling. The caudal fin helps propel the fish forward and steer.
The pelvic fins help keep the fish level in the water.
The pectoral fins help the fish steer and brake.
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