Fiscal and Physical Planning of Vocational and Technical Education by Enamaye Jacob M.Ed University of Benin, Nigeria

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MARCH 2013.

Education generally is planned to develop the people in a society, In essence proper steps should be taken in the planning process. Nuhu (2007) sees vocational and technical education as that education, concerned with the acquisition of practical and applied skills, as well as basic scientific knowledge. It is only therefore a planned programme of theory and practical learning experiences that will guarantee acquisition of basic academic and life skills, achievement of high academic standards, leadership and preparation for industry-defined work. In any organization, planning competence is required in setting goals, developing strategies and outlining tax schedules to facilitate accomplishment of such goals. Planning is the process of organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal. It is basically concerned with the organization of men, money and materials (3M), which are one of the major functions of the top management, for without effective planning, a waste of time and resources is possible. It is also necessary to note therefore, that information is the key to planning and the need for adequate and timely information cannot be over emphasized. One of the major philosophies of education in Nigeria is based on the integration of the individual into a sound and effective citizen, this and most of the national educational aims and objectives can only be achieved through a properly planned vocational and technical education. Planning of vocational and technical education is basically to enhance human dignity and enthrone work and labor by making individuals acquire and develop enough saleable and employable skills, competencies, attitudes as well as knowledge to enable them gain and maintain basic employment or self-reliance for a comfortable living. The Nigerian dream of building a truly egalitarian society can only be achieved through the effective use of vocational and technical education because it offers life-long education to all types of learners and enable them realize and develop their self-potentials maximally. In planning vocational and technical education, we decide in advance, what to be done, when, where, how and by whom it is to be done. It also entails working out before hand, how to achieve or accomplish the objectives of vocational and technical education, stated in the National policy on education (2004). Which includes:- 1.Providing trained manpower in applied sciences, technology and business. 2.Providing the technical knowledge and vocational skills necessary for agricultural, commercial and economic development. 3.Giving training and imparting necessary skills to individual who shall be self reliant economically. 4.Providing maximum options for learners to advance or branch out into gainful employment. 5.Making education concrete and understandable while general education should point out the vocational implication of all educational experiences. 6.Providing pre-vocational orientation to students into the world of work. 7.Developing attitudes, basic educative skills and habits appropriate for work. 8.Satisfying the demands of the society that is technology-oriented and the needs of man for liberalizing experience in his educational growth and similar undertakings. 9.Providing professionals who can apply scientific knowledge to the improvement and solution of environmental problems for the use and convenience of man. 10. To give an introduction to professional studies in other technological field. 11. Enabling our young men and women to have intelligent understanding of the increasing complexity of technology. And in pursuance of these set goals and objectives of vocational and...
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