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Topics: Walter Scott, Multiple choice, The Count of Monte Cristo Pages: 7 (1472 words) Published: May 12, 2011
XI English – Science Group
SECTION “A” (MCQs – Multiple Choice Questions)
Note: Attempt all questions from this Section.
Q.1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options. (20) i. The Birkenhead Collided with the hidden rock on ________
12th March 1851
15th August 1851
25th February 1851
15th February 1851
ii. The name of the police sergeant in “The Hostile Witness” was ________. Mr. Manning
Mr. King
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Abbot
iii. Little son of Coventry Patmore disobeyed his law for ________. The first time
The third time
The fifth time
The seventh time
iv. When Stephen Leacock left the bank, there was ________.
A loud explosion
Hostle and bustle
A roar of laughter
A great confusion
v. The most important objective of scientists is to find the ________. Progress
vi. He would have accepted to office if he ________.
Would have been in Pakistan
Will have been in Pakistan
Had been in Pakistan
would be in Pakistan
vii. Will you listen to my story said the beggar to the passer by can be punctuated as ________. “Will you list to my Story” Said the beggar to the passer by? “Will you listen to my Story” Said the beggar to the passer by. Will you listen to my Story? “Said the beggar to the passer by. “Will you listen to my Story” The beggar said to the passer by. viii. A boy is throwing stones ________.

In the pond
Into the pond
At the pond
On the pond
ix. The Court’s Revenge is written by ________.
St. John, G. Ervine
J.H. Walsh
Anthony Hope
John Galsworthy
x. The Secretary General of U.N.O is appointed for a period of ________. Five years
Seven years
Eight years
Ten years
xi. The poem “The Law of the Last Minsterl” is written by ________. Sir Henry Wolton
William words worth
Sir Walter Scott
William Shakespeare
xii. The man who surrendered the fortress of Yaria to Turks was ________. The Count of Monte Cristo
The Count of Morcert
xiii. The Count of Morcerf was originally a ________.
Fisher man
xiv. The house of Monte Cristo is in the ________.
Champs Etysses
Bois de Vincennes
A remote village
Rue due Helder
xv. The last viceroy of India was ________.
M.A. Jinnah
xvi. A good friend of Albert was ________.
xvii. The author of the lesson Pakistan Zindabad is ________. Stephen Leacock
John Walton
King John
John Eastwood
xviii. Amalie was the other name of ________.
The baroness
The Baron
Fraulin Schmidt
xix. William’s Shakespeare poem “Under the Greenwood Tree” is ________. a play
a song
a sonnet
a ballad
xx. The Chief Officer of the United Nations Organization is ________. The General Secretary
The Secretary General
The Director General
The Chief Executive Officer
SECTION “B” – (Short-Answer Questions)
NOTE: Answer any TEN questions from this Section. All questions carry equal marks. (50) Q.2. (i) In what way must new generation be educated?
What does the writer mean by “Scientific” and “Unscientific” in the lesson “Science and Scientists”? OR
What are the three remarkable features of the astonishing progress of science? ii. What is the message Conveyed in the poem “The Lay of the Last Minstrel”? OR
Describe the beauty of Sweet Auburn in five lines as given in the poem “The Deserted Village”. iii. What were the changes levelled against the abbot of Canterbury of King John? OR
Describe the intelligent answers given by the poor shepherd to King John in the poem “The Abbot of Canterbury”? iv. How successful has the United Nations been, so far, in preventing local wars? OR

When and why was the UNO formed?
What was the manager’s reaction when the author told him that he would like to see him alone? OR
According to the author, what is the effect on him on entering a bank to do business? OR
Why was there a roar of laughter when the author left the bank? OR
What was the experience of Stephen Leacock while...
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