First World War Causes

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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. What were the causes and consequences of the First World War? There were several reasons that led to WWI; the European nations were growing more powerful and the arm forces as well. Another cause was the alliance system which cause conflict between several countries because there were treaties and agreements in which not every country agreed with. Imperialism also took a great part of the war, many countries wanted to colonize other countries such as Africa, South America, the pacific, and Asia. Almost all of the countries had a great military power and as all of them were fighting for the same reason, the war was inevitable. Many rivalries emerged among these countries.  One of the most important causes of the war was the assassination Austro- Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The archduke was killed by a Serbian and his death was seen as a threat to the Austria-Hungary multinational empire. This event turned into a declaration of war. Due to the alliance, the European Nation got involve in the conflict and it resulted in a world war.  Russia was defending Serbia and surrounded Germany and Austria-Hungary (who were allied) with their troops. Germany was already planning to invade Russia by using the Schlieffen Plan which was supposed to prevent war, but the plan fail. The First World War had as many consequences as causes. the end of the great war was marked by the creation of the League of Nation which consisted of peacekeeping so this horrible events would not happened again and to have a collective security. Unfortunately the United States did not join the treaty and this weakened the treaty. The WWI ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versaille which stated that Germany was the only responsible for the war that occurred and they demanded that Germany was to pay the reparations. This treaty also established the changing of the borders in Europe. One of the mayor consequences of the war was the great depression it left. The war left many countries...
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