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Pepito biscuits

Mission statement:
To provide our consumers better food, a greater variety of tastes and healthier pleasure at affordable prices and spread the taste of happiness wherever we can reach.”

Vision statement:
“To become a new confectionary leader meeting the expectations of the consumers not locally but also globally.

Business plan:
This new product introduces an innovative idea of biscuits to attract and to satisfy the youngsters going to cafes with their families. This product is manufactured to provide modified biscuits for the youngsters. Its shape and different colored sugar coatings attract the children. It is homemade and is free of any kind of preservation. The desired result for the launching of these biscuits is to replace the other brands and provide the nutritional benefits in a convenient and loveable form for children as well. The way of processing packaging and labeling considers a lot in the success of a product in addition to its nutrition, flavor and texture Acceptance of pepito biscuits will communalize the biscuit eating habit. Especially the school-age children and teenagers are tar Children these days goes to cafes with their family and find nothing to attract them so the beautiful and unique packing of our product will attract them and they will get biscuits that are not harmful as they are homemade our biscuits are colorful yet not harmful in  many ways. So our mission is to satisfy the children and to give assurances of health and clean biscuits to the parents. These biscuits are made at home in an oven, at a moderate temperature so that all the nutrition does not burn. Pepito biscuits contain CHO that provides energy for the body and brain and nervous system. An enzyme called amylase breakdown CHO into glucose which is used for energy by body. This product is natural & free of any additive, food color and preservative, manufactured in hygienic conditions with nearly minute or no physical or chemical contamination. It is purely home made. Our product is entirely new and our mission is to satisfy the young in such a way that there health is also not neglected.  This is an entirely new Idea no one in cafes has ever done the effort to attract kids so it is a new experience for all. So definitely the demand among children will make the product not only famous but also fun to eat. Pepito biscuits come in different shape and sizes.  They also have different colors of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana. They have a high quality when comes to flavor and nutrition. It satisfies both children and parents. Their fashion is obviously childish so that it also looks good to a child’s eye. This product is natural & free of any additive, food color and preservative, manufactured in hygienic conditions with nearly minute or no physical or chemical contamination. It is purely home made. Our product lies in the specialty product of the consumer products as it is high priced than the other products and is also high quality.  People now a day’s want something special and something that is somehow classy. Our biscuits are not only unique but it is made unique and the quality is also high so it is specialty product. The product is made so special that no one asks for anything else but our biscuits. Children these days are also aware of everything we make this product in such a way that it attracts children and also the parents regarding their child’s health. We chose the product development strategy. Our product is entirely new for cafes. There are biscuits available there also but there are no biscuits for children. So the market is existing but the product is entirely new.  Our product also has a very unique packing which also gives it a distinguish look from all the other biscuits available. Our target market is the youngsters. As this product is made especially for them their health and their nutrition is kept in mind while their attraction towards the look has also been given...
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