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First Vientam War

By | November 2012
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In view of the need for English class 8 race relations, this informed and manage the issues of interest in socio-political, and that the first Chechen war was indeed a milestone in the history and represents great interest for the study of international relations, this essay is done to try to roughly describe the causes, events and consequences of the historical conflict of interest to international relations. The fact that it was a time of intolerance and ambition from a country that did not want to set aside his pride to give independence to one of its states, and more so with the interest of natural resources such as oil and others occur in Chechnya. Therefore be studied to determine the root causes that generated as well as the events that occurred before, during and after the war. This essay will present the causes, stages and consequences of the war in Chechnya and reaching a personal conclusion based on what developed in the essay. To understand the context in which the war occurs, it is necessary to know the geographic location of Chechnya and the main actors of this war. Chechen republic is located in North-East part of Caucasus. The republic has the common borders with Republic of Ingushetia, Republic North Osetiya Alaniya, with Stavropolskiy Kray of Russia, Dagestan and Republic of Georgia. Oil is the main resource of Chechnya and its product stock evaluates in 50 million tons. In 2005 the population size of Chechnya was 11,414,000. More than three-quarters of Chechens population are lived in rural areas. The most significant population are Chechens (93,5 %), Russians, Cumycs, Avars, Nogays, Ingushs are presented also. In 1 November 1991 Chechen Republic proclaimed its sovereignty and independency. However its independent status is not recognized neither by world community nor Russian Federation, which considers Chechnya as its constitutional part. After that knowledge of the area, its necessary determinate the causes or...

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