" First They Killed My Father" Book Critique

Topics: Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot, Loung Ung Pages: 4 (1600 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Loung Ung-the author- is an average middle-class five year old. She has three older brothers, two older sisters and a younger sister. Her parents “ma” and “pa” have been married since they were teenagers. On April 17, 1975 the Ung’s life style would be changed for the rest of their lives, when the Khmer Rouge soldiers arrive in the family’s village. The soldiers quickly move all the families out of the village telling them to pack very little. Loung soon finds herself on an overcrowded truck with many families learning she will never be returning home. At the first Military check point families are told to get off the trucks and can’t get back on until they are asked a series of question and the soldiers go through their belongings. The families are then told if they have worked within the military that they would have to leave there families and work for them, later they get shot in the head. Since pa is former Military and doesn’t want to leave his family he denies it but knows he is taking a big risk. Eight days after being invaded the Khmer Rouge soldiers had won the war and removed the old chief. Families now have to ask permission for the simplest desires. They have to dress, act and cut their hair the way the soldiers want them too. Religion is no longer allowed to be practiced and your language has to be changed to Cambodian. Once settled into the village where the soldiers dropped the Ung family off they soon learn they have to leave and it is not safe for them there. Many villagers from their old town are approaching their village and know that pa has Military background. People now cannot be trusted; if they know information they are to tell the soldiers the truth and will be rewarded. From now on the Ung family constantly moves to stay safe. Loung quickly learns that her life as a middle-class citizen is over, food is now low and she is forced to eat grass hoppers, june bugs, guts, frogs and any animals the family can find. In January 1976 the family...
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