First Step Into College

Topics: Writing, Better, Essay Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Andrew Terhall
English 1100
January 31st 2013
My First Step Into College: My First Writing Experience
As I have started my college career I noticed that the writing is a lot harder than it ever has been before. More in depth, more to do and of course the deadlines and due dates are much shorter. Time and time again I’m reminded that my time management skills have really brought down my writing ability and that I need to apply myself to my writing more to avoid failing a paper or even a class. My experience in first taking English 1100 and having to retake it have pushed me to better manage my time and focus on writing well put together essays that are college level. I learned that the whole structure of this class is a little bit a new experience and some I have done before. Just like everyone, I’m not perfect, I have strengths, and many weaknesses in my writing that I could improve on but I would really like to improve my writing.

Last semester was a hectic and not very good start to my college career because I failed to deal with the pressure from the expectations given by my teachers, and my parents. The teacher gives the due dates and the instructions to the students, me included, but the only thing I could seem to follow perfectly is the deadline aspect of the papers. That was an important yet easy expectation to follow because if you did not turn it in on time then you don’t get a grade for it basically, which is something I didn’t want to let happen, although my lack of time management skills did not help the content of that essay live up to the teachers expectations. I have learned from this that it is hard to finish a paper when you get home from work at 10:30 dead tired, and you stay up till one in the morning finishing it when you could have done it on your day off and not have had to worry about it the night before. That was after the two days of pre writing I did for the paper. It was another narrative but more personal. It was...
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