First Rainy Day

Topics: Weather, Rain, Tropical cyclone Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: May 29, 2013
First Rainy Day in PSIT

As being humans we all have this tendency of getting something extra, now it could be anything getting free with a product we purchase from the market or getting an additional service or a holiday. Description:

It was 5th February 2013; I was getting ready for my college and was continuously on my phone asking my friends as in where the bus has reached so that I catch it at the correct time from my stop. I still remember that rainy day where I was thinking that how I would be reaching my bus stop as the streets were flooded, because it was raining heavily since last evening, suddenly I started receiving calls from my friends that how I would be going to college as the bus had still not arrived at the starting stop. I was in a state of confusion as in what to do. When I had nothing left to think, I called up my reporting authority just to inform him that I would be late for the college because of the unpleasant weather and my ears were actually not able to believe what answer I got from my senior. His words were: “Ma’am I was about to inform you that today is a rainy day so that u can further inform the other team members”. I thanked him and further passed this information to rest of my team members, who also enjoyed the news. To whomsoever I passed on this information, actually commented that it really happened for the first time in the history of PSIT. At last I took a deep breath and informed everyone at home. I had kept my window open as it was raining outside and cold breeze was blowing in and I was enjoying every moment of it. Conclusion:

The day was so memorable that I cannot forget in my life time. After sometime, enjoying the cold weather I started off with my home duties.
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