First-person Narrative and Individuals Perspective

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  • Published : October 4, 2007
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Host: Today on the midmorning show we discuss the issue of changing perspectives in today's world. You are listening to Erin Carrot and joining me in the studio is Karen Finch, a youth worker from the Campbletown area, who specialises in adolescent psychology. Welcome to the program Karen. K.F.Thank you, lovely to be here.

HostAlso joining us via the telephone is Mr Graeme Anderson, from the department of immigration, who will be sharing his thoughts on how learning of other's experiences can change an individuals perspective. Welcome to the show Graeme. G.A.Pleasure. Thank you for having me.

HostDescribe to myself and the listeners, if you could, how a person's perspective may be changed through increased maturity. Karen, as this relates primarily to your area of expertise, would you like to start us off? K.F.Of course. Examples of this are everywhere in society, even if we don't recognise them. A good example can be derived from the novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. At the beginning of the novel, the main character, Josie Alibrandi, can be seen to be arrogant and self centred, while at the end of the book she is much more mature and aware of others around her. This change comes as the result of different experiences. One of the main events which affects her is the walkathon fiasco. This is a major turning point for Josie as it is when she accepts her responsibilities and that she was wrong in her actions. We are able to derive this information from the techniques which the author used in writing it. HostWhat types of techniques were used by Melina Marchetta to convey this message to the reader? K.F.At one stage Josie says to another student who is congratulating her ‘One of the year 7 kids could have been grabbed by a mad man. I was responsible for them. That's what the big deal was. I was wrong in what I did yesterday'. The colloquial language used, ‘mad man' and ‘big deal', reminds the...
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