First Male to Graduate High School in My Family

Topics: High school, Family, Mother Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Norris Pittman
English 032
Dr. Miller

Motivated to Graduate High School

Growing up poor is one thing, but growing up poor without a father figure has to be one of the hardest obstacles in life. Well anything worth having in life is worth working for. That is why when I saw the opportunity to be the first male in my family to graduate high school, I ceased the moment. Failing at anything was not an option so I motivated myself a lot. My mom worked two jobs and I started to feel like the only thing to do was trying and help bring in some extra cash to the home. So at the age of twelve years old I started my first job selling new papers and magazines. Instead of doing drugs and hanging out with the other kids I stayed busy by playing sports. I was an all around athlete playing basketball, football, and baseball. It was a mission of mine to set a great example for my younger siblings. Growing up in a home full of females (mother & two sisters) really helped because I was the man of the house. I didn’t like seeing my mom work when she was at home so I was the one who took out the trash, check the mail, and cut the grass. Growing up around women also gave me confidence around other women because I understood women feelings. No male figures in the family at all motivated me even more. My grand dad passed away when I was a little kid and not one of my seven aunties really had men in their life who were father figures. This motivated me to want to be the first to do everything in the family as far as education is concern. After I was the first male in the family to graduate high school, my smaller cousin who I motivated to finish school got his high school diploma. The best feeling ever is to walk across the stage to receive your diploma, and look in the stands to see your family cheering and applauding.
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