First Literary Device Paper

Topics: Anxiety, Protagonist, The Reader Pages: 8 (2059 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Literary Essay Prep

Title of book: The Valkyries Main Literary Element focus: Characterization

CLAIM/THESIS: Through the use of characterization, Paulo Coelho illustrates the character of Paulo as he experiences an internal struggle of wanting to pursue his pleasures versus the fear of unknown and losing his happiness/everything he loves and cares for. He does this by using shifts in point of view as Paulo’s wife experiences this journey with him.

SECTIONS OF MY PAPER TO ANSWER THESIS: 1. Fear of unknown 2. Pursuit of pleasure risking his life

SECTION ONE WILL BE ABOUT (write in complete sentences the set up for this section):

Paulo’s fear of what he does not know and how he is scared of losing all that he has worked for. This section, I hope will illustrate that Paulo believe he does not deserve all the things he has worked for and is scared of losing them.


|What is he trying to say? summarize/paraphrase: | |In the story The Valkyrie Paulo Coelho illustrates the fear of not knowing what to do in the character Paulo when he is given a task by his | |master J and he worries about the actual purpose of this task. | |Before comment – set up the purpose, situation, speaker, audience within the context of your book: | |Paulo, the main character from the book, is a practicing magus (master in the magic’s), and is talking to his Master J, J tells him that he | |need to go from his home in Brazil to the United States Mojave Desert for forty days. | |Quote/paraphrase with R.D. Labeled: | |“He began to feel tense, fearing there wouldn’t be enough time to complete their conversation.” – Paulo (Page 7) | |After comment – What is the effect/impact on the reader? | |This revels to the reader that Paulo, after all, was not as courageous and daring as he seemed in the beginning. It makes the reader assume | |that he took the task/mission on for an adventure but now wants to know why he is doing it. An allusion of fear of the unknown is created. | |Creative/big picture thinking - PYS. CONNECTION metaphorical comparisons, allusions, predictions, literal comparisons, draw a conclusion , | |timeless/ universal quality: | |This illustrates the universal fear of the unknown. In general, people fear what they cannot see, what they cannot control, and what they | |cannot interact with. A good example of this is people’s fear of snakes. You cannot always see a snake and you cannot interact with a snake so| |you end up being scared of it because you cannot control it. |


|What is he trying to say? summarize/paraphrase: | |Coelho is trying to reveal how others looked down at Paulo’s practices and beliefs. Unlike the common people, Paulo’s wife Chris is accepting | |of his past and his religious/cultural practices. | |Before comment – set up the purpose, situation, speaker, audience within the context of your book: | |Paulo is close to finding out what he needs to see his angel at this point. He is with Valhalla and Chris in an abandoned gold mine | |discovering when he made...
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