First Lego League

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robot game — rules
1 - READ EVERYTHING - All else held equal, experts on the four main documents of the Robot Game do better and have more fun. Read these well, and come back to them often: Field Setup, Missions, Rules, Rulings. 2 - PURPOSE • Gain interest in science, technology, engineering, and innovation, in a team environment. • Have fun pushing yourself. 3 - GRACIOUS PROFESSIONALISM • You are “Gracious Professionals.” You are competing hard against PROBLEMS, while treating PEOPLE with respect and kindness - people from your own team as well people from other teams. • You build onto other people’s ideas instead of resisting or defeating them. 4 - PARTICIPATION • The maximum allowable team size is ten members, not including coaches and mentors. • See the FIRST LEGO League Coaches’ Handbook for allowable ages. • At the tournament, only TWO team members at a time are allowed right up at the competition table except during repair emergencies. • The rest of the team must stay back from the table, but close enough for different members to tag in or out as desired at any time. Specific positioning is decided by the tournament officials. 5 - INTERPRETATION • Robot game text means exactly and only what it says, so it should be taken literally whenever possible. • Do not interpret text based on your assumption about intent, or on how a situation might be in “real life.” • Example: If a mission is to “enter the house,” the window is just as valid an entry point as the door. • If a detail isn’t mentioned, then it doesn’t matter. • Example: If a mission is to “put the cup on the table,” upside down is just as valid as right side up. • There are no hidden requirements or restrictions, but there are hidden freedoms, and you’re encouraged to find them! 6 - EQUIPMENT • Your equipment (robot, attachments, and other accessories) must be made entirely of LEGO elements in original factory condition. • Exception 1: You may reference a paper list to keep track of robot programs. • Exception 2: LEGO string and tubing may be cut to length. • There are no restrictions on the quantities or sources of non-electric LEGO elements, except that factory-made wind-up/pull-back “motors” are not allowed. Pneumatic elements are allowed. • Electric elements must be the LEGO MINDSTORMS type. • The total number of each electric element you may use in any one match is limited as listed below. —————Remember to check the Robot Game Rulings often as new posts may affect your team strategy.—————

To understand how these quantity limits are applied, let’s consider for example, the motors: • Imagine that a referee (a “ref”) stops your entire team on your way to a match, and counts every motor every team member has - every motor on the robot, and on all separate attachments, and from every cart, and box, and from all your pockets… The total must not exceed three. • If you have multiple motorized attachments, but it takes two motors to drive the robot, you must find a way to switch that third/last legal motor from one attachment to the next. • A fourth motor is always illegal, no matter what. • Even if you only plan to run three motors at a time, the fourth motor is illegal. • Even if the fourth motor is a spare, or used as weight, or as decoration, the fourth motor is illegal. For RCX Users: Motors (3) RCX Controller (1) Touch Sensors (2) Light Sensors (2) Rotation Sensors (3) 3rd Touch OR Light Sensor (1) Lamp (1) • For NXT Users: Motors (3) NXT Controller (1) Touch Sensors (2) Light Sensors (2) Rotation Sensors (3 minus the number of NXT motors present) Ultrasonic Sensor (1) Lamp (1)

Due to the above limits, you may not use more than one robot in any one match, but it’s okay to use a different robot in a different match, earlier or later in the day. LEGO wires and converter cables are allowed as needed. Spare electrical parts are allowed in the PIT area. Computers are not allowed in the...
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