First Intelligent Innovative Ways for Video-to-Video Communication in Modern Smart Cities

Topics: Eye, Patient, Hospital Pages: 11 (3780 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Video-to-Video for e-Health: Use Case, Concepts and Pilot plan Makis Stamatelatos1, George Katsikas1, Petros Makris1, , Nancy Alonistioti1, Serafeim Antonakis2, Dimitrios Alonistiotis2, Panagiotis Theodossiadis2,

1 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Informatic and Telecommunications, Panepistimiopolis, Ilissia, Athens, Greece 2National and Kapodistrian Medical School University of Athens, University General Hospital Attikon, 1 Rimini Str. 124 62 Haidari, Athens, Greece {makiss, katsikas, nancy},,,, Abstract. Future Internet and smart cities are creating a very promising paradigm for providing advanced services to citizens. The paradigm of e-Health forms a valuable yet demanding use case for design, develop, deploy and provide related services. The aim of LiveCity project is to empower the citizens of a city to interact with each other in a more productive efficient and socially useful way by using high quality video-to-video (v2v); v2v can be used to improve medical services. This paper presents the related concepts, the scenario and the pilot set for the tele-monitoring service realization, deployment and provision. Keywords: Video-to-Video, e-Health, Future Internet, Smart Cities Introduction

Future Internet (FI) and Smart Cities are creating a very promising paradigm for unlocking multi-dimensional value propositions through exploring requirements constraints and delivery solutions: Cities are posing challenges; FI is promising solutions. Cities provide opportunities: real users, many users, structured users; Future Internet proposes real value: accessible, secure, safe. From a business viewpoint a smart city is “a significant market of actors who share many needs in a complex, high-density and occasionally congested environment with a wealth of opportunities” [3]. From a services viewpoint, smart city citizens should enjoy ICT and FI enabled services realizing different needs; specifically in [4] six key smart cities’ characteristics have been identified: (i) smart economy, (ii) smart people, (iii) smart governance, (iv) smart mobility, (v) smart environment, and, (vi) smart living. Obviously e-Health is one of the key challenges for smart living in smart city! In [4] e-Health is defined as “patients and the public using Internet or other e-media to disseminate or provide access to health and lifestyle information or services.” Therefore, e-Health is currently provided to citizens in emergency cases (e.g. tele-medicine), neither in large scale nor for “everyday” treatment. Video to Video (V2V) Concept and Platform

The aim of LiveCity project [1] is to empower the citizens of a city to interact with each other in a more productive, efficient and socially useful way by using high quality Video-to-Video (V2V) over the Internet. V2V can be used to save patients lives, improve city administration, reduce fuel costs, reduce carbon footprint, enhance education and improve city experiences for tourists and cultural consumers. In this context, we are working on an e-Health framework promising to provide e-Health services to a wide range of scenarios including (i) real time “live” support to ambulance doctor from specialized emergency doctors as the ambulance is moving towards the hospitals, and (ii) everyday monitoring for patients with glaucoma in order to ensure conformance to identified treatment as well as provide patients with any additional information they need to know regarding treatment, progress or other issues “at home”. V2V application services over high speed FI Infrastructures are the key means for the efficient provision of LiveCity e-Health Services. V2V service as defined by LiveCity Project [1] is based on live high-definition interactive video communication easily available on user equipment. Video interactivity will be provided without complicated network provisioning or special...
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