First in Show Pet Foods Swot Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Pet foods, Maize Pages: 4 (555 words) Published: May 22, 2011
The following SWOT Analysis ledger is for First in Show Pet Foods Inc., new frozen dog food product “Show Circuit”. It displays the Internal and External factors that will affect “Show Circuits” introduction to the pet food market. Although “Show Circuit” will need to reshape its prospective target markets views on conventional dog food, it has a researched and proven formula that will provide an improvement in dogs’ coat shine. With the current market trend projecting an increase in dog food sales, the high production cost of “Show Circuit” will not be a strong external threat. With a good media strategy, store positioning, a creative market introduction, “Show Circuit” will be able to successfully compete with larger well known dog food brands.

The Internal Factors


· Specialty high quality dog food

· Small solid following among “show dog” kennels in Boston, MA

· Freshest dog food in Market; 85% federally inspected beef by-products, beef, liver, and chicken, 15% highest-quality fortified cereal

· Completely balanced frozen dog food

· Used and recommended by professional “show dog” owners for years.

· Located in frozen food section right next to “people” food.

· Record of “Blue Ribbon” winners as current product users.


· Cheaper dog foods that are more readily available.

· Less than one-half of dogs in the US are regularly fed prepared dog food.

· “Show Circuit” is not nationally distributed or marketed.

· Relatively unknown to Target Market, new product to public.

· No microwavable defrost options.

· “Show Circuit” is among the costliest dog foods to produce.

· Available only in Supermarkets refrigerated section.

The External Factors


· Industry trend shows an increase in dog ownership, US owned-dog population...
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