First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. Swot Analysis

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First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. SWOT Analysis

Internal Strengths
~It looks like the company hired to promote the move into the public dog food sector has done their research and has good ideas for how to promote the food ~Sold in the U.S.
~Strong demand in show breed circles
~Advertises directly to potential customers in the target market through newspaper, magazines, TV ads ~Dog food of finest quality, used and recommended by professional show dog owners for years ~Originally catered to people with show dogs, who would spend any amount of money on their dogs ~Offer unique, high-quality product with superior nutrition features that are not offered by other dog food companies ~No real competitors

Internal Weaknesses
~First in Show has to hire an outside company for help with sales ~Now trying to branch out into the public sector, that are not in show breed circles ~The food is only well known in certain circles of pet owners ~People have to learn to shop for it next to the ice cream

~This dog food is one of the costliest to prepare
~The food has to be thawed and kept in the freezer
~Cannot compete well for consumers who base their dog food purchase decision on price rather than quality ~Limited products offered; only offering Show Circuit, its primary brand

External Opportunities
~Strong dog food market, about $10 billion+
~Large number of people with pets are treating them as family members and want them to have the best of the best ~New product on the market that is the first of its kind
~Pricing has some leeway to make a profit
~As it is the only one of this kind of dog food, people in Boston who start to like it, only have access to Show Circuit ~Pets are becoming part of the family and people want to spend money on them, especially if it will positively affect their health ~Introducing a new form of dog food

~15% of new market products are aimed at freezer case each year, most are not dog food ~The company could get a patent on the...
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