First Impressions

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First Impressions
A first impression is the opinion someone forms about you when they first meet you. This opinion is either formed in a good way or a bad way. When someone is forming this opinion of you they are looking at your attire, facial expressions, posture, and overall mannerism.

There are several pros and cons of forming first impressions. The pros are this impression lasts forever, and it sets the tone for the relationship with the person to follow. It can be your acceptance into society. The cons are you only get one first impression, and if you don’t make a good one it is nearly impossible to take back.

Although I don’t think first impressions should always set the tone in a relationship, I feel they do. You are judged everyday by your appearance. Are you well groomed? Are you nails clean and polished? Do you have make up on? Is your hair combed? What kind of clothing are you wearing? First impressions also include attitude. Do you have a positive or negative attitude? Is your personality good? Are you introverted or extroverted? How is your posture? Are you standing up straight? Are you relaxed when you are speaking? These are all things that come to mind when meeting someone for the first time. You are judged on all of your characteristics.

I have judged someone by a first impression. It was a negative impression of the person because of her mannerism and how she was dressed. This person was not dressed very nicely, and her hair was a mess. When I spoke to Maria, I also got the impression that she was stuck up and not friendly because of her body language. It turned out I was completely wrong. She didn’t feel well the day I met her. Her appearance reflected how she felt, and her mannerism was the same. The next time we met her appearance was put together, and she was very friendly. We had conversation, and her body language was completely relaxed and not tense. Maria was my husband’s friend’s girlfriend so...
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