First Impression

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How do you act when you meet new people? Since first impression is important, you may want to leave them with a good one, especially if you are going to be around them for quite a long time, for example, a classmate. Here are a few tips on how to make a good first impression on a classmate.

One of the easy but reliable ways to give a good first impression is smiling. When you smile, it will make others feel comfortable to be around you. Smiling also shows that you are a friendly person. You will not just give them a good first impression, but you might gain new friends too. But remember not to smile for too long to avoid misunderstanding.

During the first meeting, you may want to break the ice by introducing yourself politely. Say only the most relevant things like your name, field of studies, or class. Do not ask your new classmate about anything too personal or they will find you offensive.

You should also be respectful of your classmate. If you find any differences between you and the new classmate such as race, culture or religious views, you must try your best to avoid the related topics. If you comment on anything about that, you might just lose a friend you were about to make.

Giving a good first impression may sound easy, but it needs you to be very careful. Just be yourself and express a positive attitude, you might just be someone’s new best friend.
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