First Grade Social Studies

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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First Grade Social Studies
Pacing Guide

1st Nine Weeks

Standard 1-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how individuals, families, and communities live and work together here and around the world. Indicators:
1-1.1Summarize the characteristics that contribute to personal identity, including physical growth, the development of individual interests, and family changes over time. (H)

1-1.2Summarize ways in which people are both alike and different from one another in different regions of the United States and the world, including their culture, language, and jobs. (H, G, E)

1-1.3Illustrate personal and family history on a time line. (H) 1-1.4Compare the daily life of families across the world—including the roles of men, women, and children; typical food, clothes, and style of homes; and the ways the families earn their living. (H, E, G) 1-1.5Illustrate different elements of community life, including the structure of schools; typical jobs; the interdependence of family, school, and the community; and the common methods of transportation and communication. (H, E, G) 2nd Nine Weeks

Standard 1-2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of home, school, and other settings across the world Indicators:
1-2.1Identify a familiar area or neighborhood on a simple map, using the basic map symbols and the cardinal directions. (G) 1-2.2Compare the ways that people use land and natural resources in different settings across the world, including the conservation of natural resources and the actions that may harm the environment. (G)

Standard 1-3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how government functions and how government affects families. Indicators:
1-3.1Identify the basic functions of government, including making and enforcing laws and protecting citizens. (P) 1-3.2Summarize of the concept of authority and give examples of people in authority,...