First Grade Experience

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Early Childhood Education First grade Experience
A.) My successes that I have experience are that I got to teach a little boy how to respond to his teacher in a respectful way, and I also taught him how to understand his math better. That made feel great knowing that I taught him how to do these things. The children attached to me easily.

B.) The frustrations that I had was when I was teaching the little boy how to respond to his teacher in a respectful way he was being rude to me as well. I also got frustrated when I was trying to teach him how to understand his math better, he would get off track easily, and would also be rude to me saying “You don’t got to help me I know what I’m doing”. But I continued to help him; the more I helped him, the more respect I received out of him. I had to have patience with him because I wanted to walk away. Another frustration I had was that the teacher rarely had things for me to do. Some days I would just sit there and do nothing.

C.) Emotional development showed a lot in my first grade class, because if they made a small error or didn’t understand the concept they will get mad. But when you try to help them they wouldn’t pay attention, and they will get mad again because they don’t understand. In my first grade classroom there were a few kids who would always look sad, and wouldn’t say a word, but majority of the kids were talkative. Also in my first grade classroom there was a lot of tattling, and bickering back and forth. When they would work in small groups to do an activity it wouldn’t work because there were a lot of disagreements, and they weren’t fair to one another.

D.) In my first grade class all of the kids had tons of energy, by the time I would go in there, some of them were already on a red card. The one individual I worked with had ADHD. He was always hyper,...
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