First Grade

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Starting first grade is one of my first, and best, memories. It was not just one day that made this a great experience; it was the entire week leading up to it. I got to do all kinds of things to get ready. My mom bought me new clothes and new shoes. I even got to go get my nails done! It was my special week.

My Neighbor, who is also my best friend, went shopping with me for our new outfits. We were the best of friends and always wanted to do everything together, even match our clothes. My mom took us to the mall and we picked out matching dresses. They were baby blue with white polka dots. We even got new white shoes to match! We definitely thought we were going to be the coolest first graders in town. Now that we had our cute clothes, it was time to get our nails done. My mom, and my best friend Kristen’s mom, brought us to this huge nail salon. We knew we were the only first graders that got to get their nails painted at a real big girl salon. When we walked in the lady brought us to a big wall full of every color in the world, and told us to pick one. As always, Kristen and I agreed on the same color. It was a sparkly baby blue, and after the ladies painted our nails, they even added white polka dots! We were all set to go to school with our pretty dresses and matching nails.

The night before school started I could not sleep. No matter how hard I tried I was just too excited. After lying in bed forever thinking about how cool my new school was going to be, I finally fell asleep. In the morning, my dad came in my room and started tickling me to wake me up. He said “Good morning baby girl.” I was sure to correct him right away. I was starting my BIG kid school today; I’m not a baby girl anymore. He just laughed and told me he had a surprise for me. We walked into the kitchen and he had made my favorite breakfast, Chocolate chip pancakes. I don’t think that day could have got any better. As soon as I was done eating I went and put my new dress on and almost...
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