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Topics: Suicide, Happiness, Personal life Pages: 3 (680 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Amad Khan
English 10 Period 4
26 March 2014
Money: the key to happiness
Money is the key to everything in life. If there was no money what is there to do in life. Money can take care of loved ones; buy new clothes and shoes, and help with financial needs. Money makes items that are necessary seem in reach. Everyone needs money at some point in their life time to be happy. Not many people can say they are happy and be poor at the same time because when they have enough money they tend to enjoy life more than others. Money is used everyday all around the world and makes many happier than they would be if they did not have any money. Money is the key to happiness, when people have money it can get people anywhere they would ever dream of being or anything they would want in life as it would make them happier. Money can buy all the items one could consume groceries, cellular devices, or laptops and televisions. Yet most of those items are not necessarily needed in life, but can make one proud of their accomplishments because people can look at all the items they own and feel stable and comfortable with who they are. In life money can buy almost anyone’s happiness and keep them happy for as long as the person lives or as long as that person has money, For example Deaton and Kahneman “I can buy a fancier car than Mr. Jones” (Deaton, 1). The Fancy car would make him happy because not many people have fancy cars. It is important to be happy because many people commit suicide because of themselves not being happy enough and money can make anyone happy at any time in their life. In life many people have financial needs such as paying their mortgage or paying grocery bills and water and electricity all of these bills can be paid if they have money but if they don’t then they can’t pay their bills. Many people have a lot of stress when they know that they can’t pay their bills because they have families to take care of. Stevenson and Wolfers “only 35% of the...
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