First Day on the Job

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  • Published : August 7, 2011
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First Day on the Job
Discuss the factors causing the employee’s dissatisfaction.

The employee seems to be loaded up with busy work and work that is not challenging to her. She is looking for work that is thought provoking and to experience new tasks with which she can grow in knowledge about the job. The work now seems to be cyclical, boring, and she feels overworked with mundane tasks. There is no advancing forward toward her ultimate goal of owning her own business. She’s at a point of quitting and seeking a job elsewhere, where she can absorb new knowledge and gain experience.

Identify which of these factors could be addressed with improvements in the way the organization handles development as described in the chapter.

Malik needs to understand that, in part, the employee is describing burnout. To correct this problem Malik has an opportunity to discover why this employee is having the symptoms of burnout, and how changes to her job would minimize or reverse the burnout. Some of the causes for burnout that she described were her workload that was heavy at times. But more then just a heavy load of work, it’s routine and boring to her. It would suit her best if the organization would change her tasks that she does daily and make those tasks challenging in her work.

Another symptom of burnout was described as having ‘work that was too little’. This would seem to be her complaint of ‘unmet expectations’, for growing and training on the job. She also needs the experience to reach her ultimate goal, owning her own business. An ‘action plan’ may help both her and the organization. This would be a plan for her career development, and to help her focus on the training that is needed to accomplish her goal. With the organization’s support, she would have the incentive to continue with her current position, knowing that she is being help by Malik and the organization.

There are many choices that she can choose from for development in her selected...
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