First Day in the Gym in High School

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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It was my freshmen year of high school in gym class when I saw another student geting picked on because he was wearing a pair of sketcher shoes. Other students in the class were countiuley picking on him because of his shoes and were also saying other rude things about him and the other things that he was wearing. The kids in my gym class were making fun of the kid for no reason just to have some laughs at the other students expense, the other students were having a witch hunt on this kid for no reason, it was even the first week of school where no one knew anybody and these other students just picked on this kid about his shoes and the other things he was wearing all class period long. As a witness I felt bad for the kid, I hadnt ever seen him be for so I walked up to him and told him and introduced myself, and told him not to worry about it because thouse other students with out knowing it looked very bad to the other kids in the class. The students to this day, three years later are known as ruthless jerks in my high school, that no one interacts with much because of the way that they act. I think that thouse students made a witch hunt to make fun of the kid with his shoes that they thought were "weird" because they probaly felt insecure about themselves in some regard, so they decided to point the attention away from themselves in a very mean and negative way. I remember that class, it was second period in the second week of freshmen year and no one cared or knew anything about each other until that other group of students started being very rude to the student with his skechers. Over all I think their should be things tought to kids in classes like health class that every high schooler has to take, that teach students not to waste their time on making fun of others because it is not nice, productive, or helpful to anyone, in fact when people go on witch hunts to harass others it wastes the persons time doing the witch hunting for no reason, and furthermore...
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