First Day in College

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First Day in College
According to a scientific research we record moments which leave significant marks in our emotional state or in our lifes.There has been circumsatances I’ve lived through that has impacted in my life.One of those remarkable moments was my first day in college.There’s many people that maybe can not understand how difficult is to emigrate.My transition to this country accumulated stess and excitement in the same time.Many people have never tried the feeling of being alone and with nobody.There is no one I can related to have or socialize with that.That’s America gave me.It put in my way a lot of challenges to pass through.The first one was my first day in college.I remembered that day like was today.The particular one also showed me the differences between America and Eastern part of Europe.

It was September 4th 2013.It was a beautiful autumn day.I didn’t sleep the night before despite I took pills to help sleep.I guess it was emotional because I was excited.Anyway I slept two hours.I got up at 7 o’clock.I took a shower,aet the breakfast and I got dressed.All of those movuments were involuntary because I was in a different sate of mind .Physically I was in Torrington while my while part of mine was in 271 Scott Swamp Rd Farmington where the college is located.It was warm and sunny that morning so I was wearing a squared blu shirt and a pair of blue jeans.I took my black backpack and I went outside where my old brown Chrysler was waiting for me ready for a new adventure.While I got out from my praking lot I started to get cold despite the warmth outside.It was 7:45 when I passed Torrington .I had driven to Tunxis only once before that day.I had an iphone but without data so in those circumstances I was afraid of getting lost and missing that important day.So basically I took route 4 and I kept going while I was listening to music.In the same time I was asking myself if I was in right way.I was in that status until the Tunxis campus...
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