First Day at College

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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My first day at College Sahara.

My first day at college is a memorable day in my life. I had been earnestly waiting for that day for a long time, because I heard many things about college education from my elder brother and neighbors who were college students. I started feeling that they had the advantage of moving about with an air of superiority. At last the long-sought day came and it was the 20th of July, 2002. A new pulsation began to urge me since morning to start for the place where the college stands. So, it was quite early when I reached the college. I was loitering hither and thither until I met a friend. He advised me to take down the routine which was displayed in the notice board. He showed me the notice board. I went there and took down the routine. It was the first thing that I did on my first day at college. I started to experience that the system in the college was different from what I was accustomed to in the school. With the ringing of the bell announcing the end of a period, the students changed class-rooms unlike in a school where rooms were fixed for different classes. The professors looked comparatively grave and composed and not grim and frightening like school teachers. The students behaved with chastening politeness. Even the menial staff appeared relatively refined and cultured in their dealings. I did not know before that roll-call was done in each period. All that, in fact, gave me a new kind of experience. On that day I had three classes, scheduled for the third, fifth and sixth periods. In the third period I had English. The Professor came, called over the rolls; told us a few words of welcome and then focused on the importance of learning English. In the fifth period we had the professor of Math. I enjoyed the class very much, while in the sixth period, the professor of Logic and Philosophy gave us an introductory talk on Deductive logic. All teachers were past masters in their respective subjects and I felt proud to have...