First Date

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  • Published : July 25, 2011
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Thesis: First dates lead to lifelong romance, friendship and some just crash and burn.
First dates are said to be the best and most important quality in a relationship. Friends often date and end up into romantic relationships. The ending processes of most first dates are usually a kiss on the lips or as some boys like to keep things in the box on the first date, they simply plant a kiss on the forehead. First dates are usually a way for both the guy and girl to see if they are compatible with each other. Movies, bowling, dinner and even studying are typical first dates. Friends that date usually end up liking each other more or they just end up messing the whole relationship up. Attending a dinner and movie with someone for the first time can be a little nerve wrecking for some people, that they either forget what to say and they might even stutter. Many first dates end on good notes, but not all! Some females/males talk themselves out of a second date. Being on a first date does not necessarily mean that that on the first night they want to know every and anything about your life, just know that your rushing into things.

Life long romance is the best outcome of a first date. Automatically the dater and date knows where the road is heading before the night is over. Some might act surprise when they are ask for a second date especially when they know that it was coming all along. Saying the right things and doing exactly everything to make the date one to remember are pluses on a first date. Being you is one of the most important keys on a first date. On first dates people pretend to be something that they aren’t and they lose out on the perfect opportunity to be happy. Depending on the date the male figure is determining of the female is the certain thing that he needs in his life. Lifelong romance is what every female is looking for after the first date. The female and male both want to test the waters and try their best to make their date the most...