First Date

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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A first date can tell you a lot about a person. Even though i was just in seventh grade my first date was pretty great. Now I know in seventh grade and dating really back then was oh I will see you at school and that is about it. For me my first date was with Ray Hoover.

I felt like the coolest girl in school, I had a "boyfriend", we wrote notes everyday, got in trouble for hugging in the hallway. It was great I was a cheerleader he was one of the best football players. I thought we were going to be together for ever. When boys and girls traveled together we where always around each other and it is great. He asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with a bunch of people on friday night. Of course I said yes but then I had to ask my mom.

After I asked my mom and she had said yes I could go, but first I had to tell her everyone who is going and bring my best friend at the time Mallorie Mclaughin with me. I asked my mom if she would do my hair and I wanted to get a new outfit and everything. I was so ready for friday to get her I couldn't wait. Ray and I would talk about it everyday till then.

The big day was finally her and school couldn't go by any slower. I was going on my first date and that is all I could think about. As soon as I got back from school mom curled my hair and I put on my outfit and was ready to go. I felt like it was ready for forever. Then mom told me it was time to go and I was so nervous I felt like i was going to be sick. We went and picked up Mallorie and then we were off.

We arrive at the movies and mom gives me money, I tell her I love her, then got out of the car. I show up and Ray isn't there yet but is on his way. Holly Bradley, Kyle Orick, John Caswell. Kyle told me that Ray was on his way. While we were waiting all us girls went to the bathroom. When we came out of the bathroom Ray was there. He had on khakis, and a polo. Holly wispers in my hear and says he looks really nice. I just smiled. Us girl all decided we wanted to...
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