First Celta Assignment

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I interviewed a 26-year-old Italian in the Elementary English Class. He is a student at the University of Verona, studying International law. He can be described as both extrinsic and intrinsic learner because he said he is learning English for basically two purposes; first, for the course he is studying 'International Law', which involves global communication, so with English he will be able to deal with international clients in the future. His second reason according to him, is that, the world is now a small village and the most common language used in this village is English. He needs English to be able to chat in the internet and communicate when travelling.

He started studying English right from primary school but due to the fact that he did not have the opportunity to practice it, in terms of speaking (communicating) and in other skills, he has a little knowledge of English. In his secondary school days, he also studied French along with English and he said he found French easier than English because Italian and French are closely related languages.

He uses English on the internet with his internet friends which is the main means he uses to practice and improve his English language outside the classroom.

He said he likes to learn English by reading, writing, speaking, looking at pictures, working in pairs, and like talking with teachers. This shows that he learns best by reading, saying, hearing, seeing words, visualising, working with colours & pictures, sharing, relating with others etc.

The only activity he said he doesn't like is changing places in the classroom. He enjoys almost all other activities.

For his reading skills, he reads to understand every word he comes across which slow down his flow of reading and comprehension. When reading articles, he reads through text and when he comes across a word that he doesn't know, he reads the information around the word to get clue...
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