First Born

Topics: Sibling, Family, Parent Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Leynes, Gladys Lauren L.09-21-12

First born Personality Traits

I am the oldest of the two siblings. When I was growing up I did not necessarily think it was the better deal. My family is expecting a lot of things from me in positive ways. Being the first child, I need to face many hardships, different responsibilities and live up on high expectations.

Parents are usually stricter with the oldest child and they suffer from hardships. Since I am the first born, I need time management mostly in my studies and responsibilities at home. Being one of the outstanding students, I do not need to focus too much and face seriously on books. I just need to have the right time to bond and feel relaxed with my family even though I am a busy one. Facing these hardships, I feel pressured because my parents are expecting me to do good deeds in my studies as well as in my future career.

The oldest child is often designated as the responsible one. Parents usually ask their first child to guide and look after his/her sibling. Mostly the eldest sacrifices him/herself for the sake of the family. In my case, because my parents work abroad, I need to protect my sister and to text/call her always to know if she is in good condition. Also, I am the one who is standing as the mother and father for my sister.

Because of the high parental expectations placed upon the eldest child, I need to perform well in my studies. My parents want me to be a successful natural born leader that is why I am doing my best to excel more. I am sure they will be proud of me and will never be disappointed.

Oldest children in families are given responsibilities much earlier than their younger siblings because parents are stricter with the first born. In my family, I am on the average, disciplined more and have higher expectations which lead me to become more responsible and more successful.
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