First Americans

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Anthony Underwood
History 1
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The First Americans And Who Discovered America

First Americans: Many believe that the first Americans were Indians(Native Americans), but recent studies have shown that the first Americans may have been decedents of the native Aborigines in Australia who are believed to have migrated to the Americas long before the Native Americans, who are descends of the Mongoloid people from northeast Asia.

Who Discovered America First: Well as we were all taught in grade school Christopher Columbus was the first to discover America. But over the years that has been proven wrong. In fact now days most historians will say that Lief Ericson was the first to discover America. However, I think its safe to say that in either case there were people already inhabiting America long before they landed here. But it wasn't until Columbus discovered it that the Europeans started colonizing the Americas which has lead to what the Americas are today.

Web source: Article was written by: John S. Crandall
John Crandall graduated from the University of Alabama with a Masters in History.
Web source:
Article was written by: Stefan Lovgren
Stefan Lovgren is a Journalist for National Geographic.

4)I think the sources I used are pretty reliable sources. In a case were a website has no author listed I would normally look for another source not because it is unreliable but because other people reading my paper would have trouble believing what the article is saying. However no matter what article I'm reading I would normally look at the articles references. These days anyone with a computer and Internet can publish something on the web.
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