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Topics: Crime, Crime in the United States, Violent crime Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Whats Your Crime Trend

The Charlotte Mecklenburg county Jurisdiction in 2010 is large for one jurisdiction with numbers of 779,541 people in this area. The population trend for this area has show to be on a steady increase, with 2004 showing a year of decrease for the first time in almost 20 years. From the start of the data in 1985’ to 2010’ the population has shown a increase. The year 1985 shows the lowest Violent crime total in the 25 year span. In the 90’s the Violent crime total ranges from high 8,000’s to the mid 9,000. 93’ was the year that had the highest violent crime rate with 9,725 violent crimes. The 2000’s marked a steady trend where the Violent crime rate stayed around the same average for all years. 09’ marked the year that the trend starts to decrease. The Violent crime rate was on a steady increase during the 80’s. The end of the 80’s and the early 90’s marked a trend of high Violent crime rate. 94’ mark the year of a start of a steady decrease in the violent crime rate.

The state of North Carolina is fairly large in 2010’ its population was calculated to be 9,535,483. Around 1985’ the population was still large numbering up to 6,255,000 citizens. Over the past twenty-five years the population has steadily increased. In some years the population increased in smaller increments than other but it has been a steady increase. In the year 1985‘ Violent crime was at its lowest reaching a total of 26,327 violent crimes that year. Between the years 86‘ and 89’ the Violent crimes in the area spiked reaching highs of 35,902 Violent crimes in one year. In the early 90’s crime broke the 40,000 barrier for Violent crimes. 1993 was the year North Carolina reached its all time high of 47,178 Violent crimes which is still a record high. The year 95’ marks a start in a steady trend of decreasing Violent crimes in North Carolina. Crime again spiked in 2005 around the time of Hurricane Katrina; which started a increasing...
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