First 48 vs. Cold Case Files

Topics: Police, Murder, Crime Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: March 27, 2013
First 48 vs. Cold Case Files

There are many different types of murder shows. I have two that are my favorite shows to watch. Both are reality shows, because I lose interest quickly when it is not about things that are really happening. As you know the news never tells you everything about what happens. First 48 is the name of the first one. It focuses on the present murders and the detectives that work the crime scene. It is set in the first forty-eight hours after the crime has been committed. The second show, Cold Case Files is a show that focuses on old murder case, that have went on for years without being solved. They both deal in murders though differently. Both shows have the detectives, and they both give details the news would not release.

My most favorite is the First 48 this show follows homicide detectives in real life investigations. The main idea behind naming the show First 48 is, after the first forty eight hours the chances of solving a murder are cut in half. First 48 focuses on the perpetrator of the crime, witnesses, the discovery of the bodies as it happens, and with real footage. With First 48 unfortunately not all the cases get solved by the end of the show. The show goes to the top police departments in the United States, such as Miami, Birmingham, Vegas, and Memphis just to name a few. The detectives show you how the case develops as the hours tick down. At the bottom of the screen the views are notified with a clock counting down. You get to see the arrest and the interrogation of the perpetrator as it happens. They also show the viewer interviews as they happen with the witness, families, and friends of the victim. Most of the crime on First 48 happens in bad neighborhoods, so sometimes the detectives run into obstacles because the witnesses are scared for their life. Occasionally in better neighborhoods witnesses are more willing to help detectives, and the case gets solved quickly. The viewer gets to see the pain, anger...
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