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First 2012 Presidential Debate

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First 2012 Presidential Debate

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First 2012 Presidential Debates Overview
Since 1960, televised presidential debates have had a huge impact on the election. Issues discussed at the debates vary every four years as American politics and areas of interest change. Some of the main issues brought up in the first 2012 presidential debate were jobs, the national debt, and health care. And although one is a good speaker, it doesn’t mean that same person is good debater. Obama’s reputation as an amazing speaker is publicly known, but his ability to debate was questioned on the night of the first presidential debate. Romney was able to take control of the debate with his demanding attitude and non-verbal gestures. If I were to choose a candidate to office based on this debate alone, I would vote for Mitt Romney because of his confidence and clear point making.

The debate opened with the hot topic of the moment: job creation. President Obama started with a passive and non-direct response on how he would create more jobs. Instead of focusing on the immediate future, Obama’s reaction had more regard to the generations to come by zoning in on better education preparation. He also resorted to blaming the Bush Administration for putting the U.S. in the place it is in today. His response lacked concrete, specific ideas to gain the attention of voters for this upcoming election. On the other hand, Governor Romney provided five definite ideas which he refers to as “corner stones of my plan.” His five points on how to create jobs include: making North America energy dependent, opening up more trade, providing people with the skills required for success, i.e. education, get to a balanced budget, and champion small businesses. With a more organized approach, I was able to understand Romney’s plan for creating jobs more clearly than Obama’s; another effective technique Romney used was stating statistics, specifically regarding Obama’s failure in different areas. He mentions middle class citizens are being...

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