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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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FIRO-B Reflection Paper
FIRO-B is a totally different assessment from Myers-Briggs because the purpose of Myers-Briggs is for our personal characteristics, the internal side; the purpose of FIRO-B is for our interpersonal aspect, the external side. Because of this assessment, I am able to rethink how I get along with people and how I deal with my relationship. Even though I did not get any high point for these results, there are still some aspects I want to share my perspective. It is very interesting that I got very low score in the inclusion part because I am able to get along with others well usually. But I think I am an ambivalent person who is not only seeking any kind of group in order to feel participant but also avoid any new activity I am not familiar with. I want to hang out with a lot of friends, but I like to to do things alone while I am doing something” important” for me. For example, I usually do not go to gym and eat something with my friends, but I prefer to study alone because it’s too hard for me to focus on what I am reading while I am in a group study. It is very similar to the situation that I feel lonely while I am alone at home but feel exhausted while I am joining some activities. However, I still believe that the result for the inclusion part is right for me because I know I am a person who does not want to be disturbed in the most cases. Affection part is also very interesting and new for me because I know it is talking about how much “love” you can take and give. It is relatively high points for my all results even though I just got 6 for both expressed and wanted part. I agree with the result because I am not that kind of person who likes to make a lot of friends and shares everything to everyone. I like to share and help people who I have known for a long time and usually do not open my mind until I am sure we are “friends”. However, sometimes it is easy for me to be familiar with some people fast and share everything to them. I...
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