Firms Duties to the Employee

Topics: Employment, Wage, Privacy Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Firms Duties to the Employee
“Hey Placement season is full on.”
“Which all companies are coming to recruit?”
“DHL, FedEx, Unilever, P&G, Damco and many more you ever dreamt of” “What is the average package they are offering?”
“Must be around 12,000 UAE Dhms.”
“That’s great!”
It rarely ever happens that a probable employee ever thinks of whether the company would do all duties due to the employee. The employee once enters the company becomes a part of the company and adopts the culture no matter what is right or wrong. There are very few people who fight hard to change things and try to change the system. All companies claim to climb or even move mountains for society but what actually they do for their own employees is a different story all together. What are these responsibilities that, I am talking about here. The few basic things that an employee demands are- * Right wage for right work

* Safer and healthier working environments
* Right to privacy
* Freedom of conscience
Many global companies have been striving hard to achieve employee delight, but still many loop holes remain in the system. Many companies have a policy to keep their wages in top 5-10% of highest salary payers like Shell, BP etc. At the same time many good companies exist which are not very well known for their salaries like Wal-Mart. And some also exist which have been exploiting employees for years. Safe environment is the key to lesser Days Away From Work Case (DAWC). Lower the DAWC and higher the productivity. The companies which realized this have been doing wonders by optimizing the employee availability and health. I worked for BP Shipping for around five years and am a live example of the same. While working on board as a Second Officer the safety standards which I found are unmatched as compared to in the industry. Company not only keeps a close track of the health of personnel but also programs like “No more...
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