Fireworks and Thesis Statement

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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1. Introduction
* There are a variety of ways to introduce your topic. You can begin with an impression that conceals your subject. For instance, if you are describing a fireworks display, you could write, "There were so many bright colors and loud bangs I thought we were being attacked." Alternatively, begin with a more conventional description provides an overview of the topic, such as, "The fireworks display I attended last July was one of the best I have ever seen." Thesis Statement

* Every essay, even a descriptive one, should contain a thesis statement, which summarizes your argument, whatever that may be. It should be contained somewhere in your introduction, and usually at the end. In particular, if you begin your essay with some startling impressions, your thesis statement should clarify what your essay is about and show how you will approach the subject. In the fireworks example, a good thesis statement could read, "The fireworks display stimulated my eyes, my ears and my sense of excitement." Body Paragraphs

* Your descriptive essay should contain at least three body paragraphs. Each of these should describe a different aspect of the subject under consideration. You can divide them up, for instance, by different senses if a subject stimulates your vision, hearing and taste. Alternatively, you can use your body paragraphs to divide up your subject. For example, a description of a baseball game could be broken up into the hitting, the defense and the final outcome. Conclusion

* A descriptive essay should end with the conclusion. The conclusion is there to wrap up the description and provide final thoughts. You might also use it to summarize your overall feelings about your encounter with the subject and to speculate on future experiences. In the fireworks example, a conclusion could recap your experiences at the display, talk about why you think it was so exciting and anticipate another fireworks show next July.