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Skye Brannon wrote fireweed in 2009. The story is written chronically, is in past tense and it starts like many others of its kind in media res. It doesn’t contain many descriptions about the environment but is never the less pretty detailed. It’s a short story about a young man named Balula. It only covers this one-day were we follow Balula in his work, and these flashbacks that he keeps having the whole story. The main theme of the story is how war have an effect on those who have effected by it, and how it have had terrible consequences for so many minds and bodies. So in short the main theme is memories.

The family have moved from Liberia, a town called Kpatawee Falls, to where the story takes place. We don’t get told exactly where this is, but it’s an English speaking country, so maybe the United States or Great Britain. He lives with his brother and sister-in-law.

Balula has an accent, and Skye Brannon shows this by writing how Balula pronounces some words wrong, for an example “dem” instead of “them”. The precise age of Balula isn’t mentioned, but we can guess that he is pretty young, but old enough to drive and work as a carpenter. He is from the middle class maybe a bit poor. Some signs that they could be poor is that is brother and sister-in-law, have to get up very early to make it to work in time, Balula feels a little bad this he I the only one with a car, cause he reach his job with bus. It’s a very old car, that Jato call Swiss Chevy, because of the many holes in its body. Another sign is that Balula sleeps in a cot, instead of a more modern bed.

The story is build upon these flashbacks about episodes in Liberia that Balula gets various times during the day. The day the story is named by Balula as; remembering day. Balula know that it’s going to be such a day, from the moment he steps into the cold shower. All off the flashbacks are nice ones, except from the last, which is a very traumatic memory for Balula. He also wakes...
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