Fire Safety

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  • Published : January 24, 2012
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Fire Protection - Advantages and Benefits

Compliance to standards and regulations is a requirement among business owners and managers. The same also goes to residents and homeowners. People have been trying to adopt fire protection standards and policies, as part of health and safety within existing organizations and communities. The efforts of fire authorities, aim to provide all possible means, by which people can lessen fire-related emergencies.

Regulatory requirements have been set to primarily protect residents, employees and workers from sustaining injury or loss, due to fires and accidents. Despite the changes, several studies somehow revealed that many people are simply unaware of regulatory requirements, leaving a likely chance of allowing fire emergencies to possibly happen. This mindset will clearly affect fire protection policies if not addressed properly. That is why people should have a clear understanding of why fire prevention is crucial in achieving protection and safety. First point of concern would be the designation of a 'responsible person.' The position is given to the owners or occupants of premises. The task primarily includes provision of firefighting equipment and conduction of fire risk assessment. With huge responsibilities shouldered by a 'responsible person,' he is expected to comply with standards set by law. Otherwise, non-compliance will mean serious repercussions. It is also recommended that he/she follows fire regulations not only for legal purposes, as his failure to comply will definitely put his business and employees at risk. Second, fire prevention policies will also determine your future in business. In cases where serious fires have taken place, non- compliance could mean refusal or non-existence of financial aid from insurance companies. As a business owner, it is crucial to clearly understand the legalities concerned, that is to ensure not only the safety but the future of your business after a tragedy. Protection...
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