Fire Protection Systems

Topics: Fire extinguisher, Liquid, Nitrogen Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Fire Protection Systems

There are several types of fire extinguishing systems. They are wet, dry, chemical and gaseous types of systems that can be implemented. The type of fire and the circumstance that created it will dictate which methods are the best, safest and most efficient ways to extinguish a fire. Examples would be kitchen fires, grease fires in particular are difficult to extinguish with water and sometimes counterproductive to extinguishing the fire. Wet chemical systems are most commonly used to extinguish kitchen fires. Dry chemical fires extinguish flammable combustible fires. They both use gas to expel the agent. Wet chemical extinguishing protects appliances and is used in commercial kitchens. Fires involving cooking fats and oils (classified as class K (US) or F (Australia/Europe/Asia)) burn hotter than flammable liquids, rendering a standard class B extinguisher ineffective. Flammable liquids have flashpoints under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking oil is a combustible liquid since it has a flashpoint over 100 degrees. Such fires should be extinguished with a wet chemical extinguisher. Extinguishers of this type are designed to extinguish cooking fats and oils through saponification. The extinguishing agent rapidly converts the burning substance to a non-combustible soap. This process is endothermic, meaning it absorbs thermal energy from its surroundings, decreasing the temperature and eliminating the fire. This process is known as Saponification. Saponifiable substances are those that can be converted into soap. (, January 5, 2011)

Dry Chemical extinguishment methods protect equipment and process against flammable and combustible liquid fires. Powder particles suspend in the gas to facilitate distribution. It controls the flame by cutting off the oxygen.

Wet and dry systems can be activated by manual and automatic systems. These systems should always be initiated in conjunction...
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