Fire Prevention

Topics: Education, Learning, Firefighter Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Fire prevention programs and education are an important part of keeping a community safe. The more educational opportunities that are available the better the chances are that there will be less accidental fires or lives lost in a community. While growing up not all children are raised the same way and this can lead to certain deficiencies in a variety of areas of education. Many parents may not think to education their children about fire safety or give them any insight into the importance of fire safety and the possible dangers associated with fire. This same idea should be applied to industries in the community. There are many hazardous and dangerous materials and activities that happen in day to day work activities. Inspectors working with companies throughout the community can ensure that they are taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their workers safe. Community fire prevention programs can provide a lot of positive activities and information to the children, parents, and citizens of a town or city. These opportunities can provide a base of knowledge about fire prevention, safety, and risks. There are countless things that can be learned about fire prevention. The basics start with how to react to a house fire using exit plans, discussing how to move, and the effects of smoke and fire to the body. A good fire prevention program should start with these subjects so the learner can understand why they need to work to prevent fires. The main portion of fire prevention programs should focus on the amount of life that can be saved, how property can be protected, and why it is good to help those around you learn to prevent fires in the first place. Communities have good reason to put on fire prevention programs and classes. Accidental fires costs cities and towns millions of dollars every year and put additional stress on fire fighters and first responders. The more a community can do to educate its citizens the less likely it will...
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