Fire Prevention

Topics: Safety, Occupational safety and health, Hazard Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Cody Rosenbaum
D. Gasch
Intro Health and Safety OSHA
February 5, 2013

Learning Journal #1

Some of the safety hazards that are listed in Chapter 7 Fire Prevention would be electrical fires, flammable liquids, poor housekeeping, ingestion, incorrect use of fire extinguishers, bleeding, choking, and forklifts. There are many dangers in the work we engage in every day but its rewarding if we follow the right safety rules. These are some of the safety hazards but there are many more that are not listed. The ones listed are the ones I feel most important in the workplace.

These are listed in Chapter 7 because they are potential hazards for the following reasons: electrical fires are caused by defective wiring or overloading a circuit board. Hot works is a hazard because appropriate clothing must be worn and a fire watch used. Another hazard is flammable liquids which easily ignite and spread quickly. Flammable liquids are liquids that have a flashpoint. Flash points are when the liquids give off vapors. When handling these materials be cautious because the vapors are more dangerous and remain low to the ground because they are heavier than air. Flammable hazards can be very harmful to your health for instance, inhalation which causes headaches, drowsiness, and disorientation. Skin contact with these liquids is cause for dermatitis and the hazardous material will remove the skins natural oil and wear down on the unprotected skin. Flammable liquids are present in every workplace. Static sparks are dangerous also they are generated of electron transfer between 2 contacting surfaces. Mechanical sparks are results of friction and could easily start a fire or any other accident. Poor housekeeping is another safety hazard because messy or unclean areas are risks for fires, trips and falls. A work area should be well illuminated, ventilation system working properly and every day equipment maintenance is required. Slips, trips and falls are responsible for...
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