Fire in the Rain

Topics: Murder, Victim, Homicide Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Fire in the rain/family feud, two cases in the same day (March 26, 2004) and the same city (Detroit, MI).The first case Fire in the rain was on me hands; at 10:15 am the police get a call where was reported a murder of a white female close the train station. We went to the crime scene that was in a remote area and wet caused by the rain, the body was on the floor on the wet area, but the body was burn, the body show like the girl get kill the night before; we checked the body and found a info card without name, a bottle of crack, medicine bottle and a watch that was stopped at 11:30 (the tome where she was on fire), the info card show like she worked like a prostituted on the zone cause close to there was the popular prostitutes business. That took us like 90 minutes on the crime scene. I decided to search in the zone, cause is probably that somebody knows the victim, well Peggy was the only one that was on the street and she saw the victim the night before, Peggy helped me and told me that probably Rosa has the victim’s ID, even he get the information the police check the victim’s finger prints and that one show that the victim’s name was Margaret Allison Shepperd Weeb 46 years old; I called to Margaret’s family and effective they report that she miss the night of the crime. Margaret had two sons, she uses drugs and work like prostitute but just a part time; but we miss something who kill her, probably somebody target her because she was working like prostitute, the Margaret’s family reported that she had a car and was close to the crime scene, we find the car and a note on the car from a friend where said (I have something special for you I’ll be waiting for you at 9:30), but she never show. We know that somebody and somewhere saw something, we going to close the case or maybe continue. Second case Family feud was on me and my team hands, at 3:45 pm the police received a girl that denounce a possible double murder, she was shooting by Darryl Orr 29 years...
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