Fire Emergency Drill

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  • Published: September 7, 2010
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1.1 Background
Fire safety is everybody’s concern. Poor fire safety practices and improper planning for fire emergency can consequently lead to critical situations. This is more threatening particularly for buildings which accommodate laboratories, chemical stores or server rooms. Observance and application of fire prevention principles can help to reduce or eliminate potential fire hazards. Moreover, much emphasis must be put on elaboration of a well designed emergency plan that defines the appropriate procedures to be followed in case of a fire. Implementation and practice of this plan through fire emergency drills is vital. The main focus of this study being importance of fire drills and setting up of an emergency plan, I proceed to present an overview of the importance of performing fire drills and the roles and responsibilities of participants. In a general view, performing fire drills allow all persons to practice their respective roles and also gain experience in these assigned roles; better knowledge and confidence is acquired so as to evacuate the institution in a safely manner. Practice of fire emergency drills can also help in improving the academic institution’s “system” for managing fire emergencies. Further in this study, we shall have a more detailed view about performing fire drills.

1.2 Aims and objectives of this study are:
* To highlight the importance of performing fire drills.
* To have a better knowledge of fire hazards and the classes of fire associated to the respective fire hazard. * To understand the need for fire safety and principles of fire prevention. * To identify different means of fire detection and fire fighting in a building. * To have a brief overview of roles and responsibilities of different persons during a fire drill exercise.

* To learn more about the means of escape.
* To identify and understand the different steps in preparing and writing procedures of a fire...
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