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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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1. What is an FIR? Ans. The First Information Report regarding commission of a cognizable offence is referred to as FIR. It is recorded by the police in register

prescribed for that purpose by the State Government. 2. Who can lodge an FIR?

Ans. Any person who is victim of an offence or who is a witness to any such offence or who has knowledge about the commission of any such offence can lodge an F.I.R. 3. Difference between DDR and FIR?

Ans. First Information Report recorded by police regarding cognizable offence is referred to as FIR while the other reports recorded in daily diary register are referred as DDR. 4. What remedies are available in case of refusal by the police to record FIR? Ans. In case of refusal by official at police station to record FIR, a written complaint can be sent by post to the Superintendent of Police concerned. The complainant can also directly approach the Judicial Magistrate having jurisdiction and file a complaint regarding the offence before the said Magistrate. The Magistrate can direct the police to investigate the case. 5. Whether the informer has to be present in person before the police for registration of FIR? Whether FIR can be got recorded on telephone, or through e-mail? Ans. The FIR can be got recorded on telephone or even through e-mail and it is not necessary for the informer to be present personally before the police for registration of FIR.



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