Fiona Hall

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Fiona Hall

Fiona Hall (b.1953) is an Australian photographer and sculptor renowned for her post modern techniques involving histories of language, gender politics, the body the domestic and the everyday, colonisation and the current state of the environment. Hall creates art works that are metaphors for the messages she explores. She began her art practice in the 1970s when the conventions of modern art were being radically challenged. Hall’s art practice deals with society and culture and increasingly how we as humans are impacting upon the natural world. Her work is often extremely detailed and her ideas and thinking multi-faceted and complex. Hall’s passion towards the environment is clearly displayed through each of her works which confront an array of issues concerning the environment. Leaf litter (2000) clearly represents how plants may be seen as something disposable but are actually valuable and have contributed to the growth of many economies. Cell culture (2002) questions the role of natural science and the way societies have viewed the natural world. Medicine Bundles for the unborn child (1994) is different from Hall’s other works as it represents how western civilisation (including children) now depend on these types of products to function

Medicine Bundles for the unborn child is made by using trash materials such as empty coke bottles. Hall knitted a baby's matinee jacket, bonnet and bootees from shredded Coca-Cola cans, attended by a six-pack of Coke cans with rubber nipples, it was finished in 1994. From the 1990's, Hall turned her attention to making sense of modern life this meant using more contemporary materials. Hall uses trash aesthetics to convey meaning; she has taken the familiar practice of knitting and changed it into something surprising and hazardous by using such an inappropriate material. The aluminium contrasts severely with the traditional Material of wool. Medicine Bundles for the unborn child is one of Halls less detailed...
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