Finland as Model to Follow (Education System)

Topics: Education, Teacher, UNESCO Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: September 29, 2012
English Composition II
Karen Mejía Santa María
Dr. Jason Buchanan
September 28th, 2012
“Peruvian Education System should follow one of the most efficient education systems of the World: The Finland education system, hoping to achieve a better position in the list of world education rankings”. Abiding in the words of the Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset, is not a new story to acknowledge that “There is not great nation, without good education”. Considering statistics, (that we wish they will be biased), it’s so shameful to recognize that our Peruvian school system is one of the worst in the world. Our level has touched so down deep on the ranking list of educational systems, which I feel embarrassed about mentioning where we are ranked at. As probe of it, we see in the streets, the recent strikes at stake, movements for better teacher’s conditions and I can’t skip mentioning the horrifying demand from a group in order to reincorporate ex teachers, promoters of terrorism philosophy in universities. I mean holy cow! Isn’t that an enough alarming situation, to be stopped and to start working over? Therefore to avoid one of the worst migraines in a nation, which is already blinded by the darkness of ignorance. What I do will like to mention are five countries, that opposite to our situation, they are in the rank of the top of the better scores in maths, science and reading. These countries are: 1.Finland, 2.Japan, 3. South Korea 4. New Zealand 5. Canada . Anu Partanen in her article “What americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success.” December 29th, 2011. “The survey compares 15-year-olds in different countries in reading, math, and science. Finland has ranked at or near the top in all three competencies on every survey since 2000, neck and neck with super achievers such as South Korea and Singapore. In the most recent survey in 2009 Finland slipped slightly, with students in Shanghai, China, taking...
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